CREMA MARFIL POL.(F1) 59"X118"x6mm

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Strength plus lightness, thin slabs in huge sizes. An innovative high performance material perfect for covering custom-designed and mass-produced furnishings: benches, indoor and outdoor plant pots, tables, doors, closets, reception desks, all perfectly coordinated with floor and wall coverings. A dependable, high quality solution offering the added value of inspiration by a vast choice of prestigious materials: marble, stone, wood, metal and cement looks.

Crema Marfil slabs have an even warm beige background with subtle golden veins.



Versatile and multi-functional thanks to the broad range of available sizes and colours, with a thickness of just 6mm, MaxFine is the perfect solution for floors and walls.


In MaxFine, kitchen and bathroom tops find the best solution to blend the aesthetic flair of the most refined natural stones and the technical features of porcelain stoneware, such as durability, water-proofing and resistance to chemicals.


Slim and strong, versatile and unique, the broad range of MaxFine products is perfect to cover even flush-fit doors in refined and prestigious venues, offering a continuous effect with the surrounding surfaces.

The collections offer a very rich variety of textural effects so as to always find the right uncompromising inspiration.
Each material is a prototype of beauty: marble, onyx, metal, stone, wood, concrete.